Campus Tours

Tours are provided to acquaint the general public with the school's services and programs. Tours are also available to schools with ASL/Deaf Studies courses to expose students to Deaf Culture, Community, History, and ASL.
OSD Campus


For families interested in enrolling their children to the Oregon School for the Deaf, the school provides a special three-hour tour. These tours are led by the Outreach Program Coordinator. The tour provides an in-depth look at the campus. Each tour is different, depending on the ages and interests of each family. As part of the tour, the family has the opportunity to meet with some of the teachers, observe classes, see the gym, eat in the school cafeteria, and visit the residence halls to get an idea of student life. The tour provides a wonderful opportunity for the family to ask any questions they might have about the school. A chance review the enrollment process is also included.


To schedule a tour of OSD, contact: 


Sharla Jones, Director

Phone: 503-378-3078

Videophone: 503-400-6161



Matthew Boyd, Principal

Phone:  503-400-6157



Robert Rich, DIrector of Instruction

Phone:  503-400-6162