Citizen of the Month

OSD High School Staff recognizes two students a month for positive social behaviors with  Citizenship awards. Each month, a specific trait is announced. Any staff, from the cafeteria, to the dorms, to the school halls can nominate a student who they believe showed good citizenship that month. All currently enrolled High School and ATP students are eligible.


The traits and their corresponding months are:


October:  Self-advocacy            


November/ December:  Politeness and Honesty


January:  Eagerness to Learn


February:  Inspires Others


March:  Positive Leadership


April:  Prompt and Present


May/June:  Respectful Attitude



Congratulations to positive self-advocates, Lukas Cartwright and Jasmine Walters for earning the Citizen of the Month Award for October!


Congratulations to Hatzy Azpeitia and Bosco Kwizera for earning the Citizen of the Month Award for Politeness and Honesty during the months of November/December!



For more information, please contact the following members of the COM committee:


Ms. Gayle Robertson


Ms. Pam Tompkins