Community-Based Instruction

Welcome to the Community-Based Instruction Program (CBI)!


The Community-Based Instruction program (CBI) is for students who need a greater focus on living skills.  Students in this program often have other disabilities affecting their ability to live independently.  This program is available for both middle-school and high-school students.


CBI consists of two components:  Classroom and Work Experience:


  • CBI Language Arts and Math make up the classroom aspect of CBI.  The materials and instruction focus on improving the student’s functional language and math skills as they relate to everyday living in the community.
  • Work Experience is designed to prepare the student for future employment.  Students work on six areas of employment under the Career-Related Learning Standards developed by the state.  Students learn how to manage personal hygiene, organize their day/week, prepare for work, and how to do tasks required by the job.


To fill out the rest of their day, CBI students participate in elective classes available to all students.


For more information, please contact:


Ms. Jane Barnett,  CBI Teacher