Facilities Reservations

OSD Facility Use Guidelines and Form


Facility Reservation Process

To reserve a facility or area at OSD an individual or group needs to:

• Complete an Application for Facility Usage form. Submit the completed Application for Facility Usage form (mail,

bring, scan e‐mail, or faxed, (503‐378‐4701) to the Facilities Secretary).

• The Facilities Secretary determines if the desired room/location is available and contact appropriate staff.

• The Facilities Secretary logs the facility usage on the master calendar.

• The Cashier logs payments and fees.

• The Facilities Secretary collects the insurance certificates, the completed risk assessment and lifeguard certifications.

• If the facility is unavailable the Facilities Secretary communicates this to the individual making the request.

• If the facility is available the form is forwarded to the Director for final approval. Each use agreement will be

approved only after it is determined that the facility is available on the date(s) and time(s) requested; the exact area to be used has been identified; required personnel, (if needed), equipment completion of Risk Assessment, (if needed).

• Approved requests are communicated as needed.

• OSD reserves the right to grant or deny or cancel any and all facility use requests at its sole discretion when it deems such action to be in the best interest of OSD.


Facility & Campus Usage

The Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) is a state operated program administered by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). While the primary mission for the facility is to educate children who are deaf or hard of hearing, during periods of non‐use, the buildings and areas are available for compatible usage.


It is the policy of the school that OSD facilities and areas shall be made available, under capable and responsible supervisor, for community activities of an educational, recreational, social, cultural or civic nature, so long as such use does not interfere with the school’s program and costs associated with usage, cleaning and wear and tear are covered by the users.

Rental fees are based on:

o The facility user classification.

o Utility, equipment, and personnel costs, including scheduling, coordination, clean up, supervision, etc. based on the fee schedule.

o Number of hours.

o Type of facility.


OSD classifieds groups into 4 categories for the purpose of prioritizing facility usage, and for determination of facility cost. The 4 categories are:

1. Groups directly associated with the Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) or the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).

2. Groups associated with other agencies of the State of Oregon.

3. Public education agencies and non‐profit organizations that serve individuals with disabilities (e.g. Salem‐Keizer School District, Willamette ESD). Groups associated with youth and civic organizations (e.g. Boy/Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, Little League teams, YMCA).

4. All other groups or individuals


For groups 1 through 3, only officially sponsored activities qualify. Activities involving individuals from these groups that are “unofficial” place them in group 4.

If payment is not made promptly within two weeks of use, that group will only be permitted to reserve with pre‐payment. When conflicting requests are made for the same facility, priority is given in the same order as the groups are numbered. Once a facility is reserved, any change in usage occurs only with the concurrence of all parties or by the decision of the Director.

If there is any history of problems occurring with reservations at OSD the group will not be able to reserve at OSD.


User Group







Clerc Conference




Athletic Fields:



Carpenter House **
1 $10/hr $15/hr $5/hr -0- -0- -0- $20 per person per night
2 $20/hr $30/hr $10/hr -0- $20/hr $15/hr $30 per person per night
3 $30/hr $40/hr $20/hr $15/hr $25/hr $20/hr $50 per person per night
4 $40/hr $50/hr $30/hr $20/hr $40/hr $30/hr Not Available


If additional personnel are required for special set‐up/clean‐up, supervision of the event, preparation or serving of food, or other special services, OSD will charge actual costs for staff who provide the services in addition to the posted hourly rates. For the purpose of estimating these additional personnel costs, approximate hourly rates are as follows:

o Custodian                $30.00/hr

o Food Service           $40.00/hr

o Other                         As determined depending on personnel.


Applicants who anticipate the need for additional personnel will need to work directly with an OSD staff member to plan the event.

* Life Guard Certificate must be on file with the Facilities Secretary prior to use.

** Parents of prospective and regular students who come to visit campus may stay in the Carpenter House at no cost. They are responsible for linens and clean up afterwards.


Billing/Payment Process

Payment for facility use (if under $60) will be made at the time the reservation is confirmed. Please make payment (cash, check or money order) payable to Oregon School for the Deaf and send it to the attention of the OSD Cashier.


General Guidelines

• The Director has final approval of all facility usage.

• All users of school property must comply with all federal, state and municipal equal opportunity laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination. This includes the States no‐smoking policy, no alcohol policy, non‐discrimination policy, and sexual harassment policy. Copies of these policies are available from the Facilities Secretary.

The event supervisor (designated person responsible for the outside group) must be in attendance at all times during the usage of the facility and is responsible to carefully monitor behavior, use of property and assurance the areas are cleaned and restored to previous condition when done using them.

• The event supervisor will have available a roster of all participants.

• The maximum number of people permitted in any school facility shall be restricted to its seating capacity as indicated by the appropriate Fire Marshal.

• The school reserves the right to require security personnel, at the expense of the user, at any event the Director deems necessary.

The Director or his/her designated supervisor has the right to stop any activity at any time if, in his/her judgment, there are flagrant violations of school policies and rules or federal, state or municipal laws or if the activity is deemed to be hazardous to people, buildings or equipment.

Cancellation of reservations for building rental space must be made at least two business days prior to the day of the event to avoid rental charges. If no cancellation is received, full rent will be charged.

Willful or careless damage to school property or equipment will result in assessment of cleaning, repair and/or replacement costs. The Director or his/her designee reserves the right to exclude from the building individuals whose actions constitute a threat to the safety of others or the well‐being of the building or whose behavior is not appropriate to a school location.

Alcoholic beverages: The possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form is prohibited in any location or building on campus and may result in a call to the police.

Signs/Decoration: All displays, signs, banners or decorations proposed by the User are subject to prior approval by the Director of OSD. No tacks, nails, hooks, or staples may be used on the walls of any facilities. Special blue painters tape only may be used to affix signs or decorations to walls. No candles, fog/smoke machines or explosive special effects are allowed. Glitter, sequins, etc. are strictly prohibited. Loss or damage to any user property is not covered by OSD or the State.

Keys: Issuance of keys to other than school personnel will not be permitted

Equipment and furniture, including pianos, shall be used and moved only with the approval of the Director. Requests for changes in normal arrangements of furniture and equipment must be received by the OSD Facilities Secretary at least four working days prior to the event. When an event requires a custom set‐up or needs adjustments and modifications during the event the organization requesting the set‐up will be billed $20.00 per hour. Only OSD maintenance staff may move items.

Hazardous Materials: User must not bring or dispose of any hazardous materials on school property.

Set‐up and take‐down: Renter is responsible for set‐up and take‐down within the rental time.

No person will discharge, set off, or explode any firecracker, torpedo, rocket, or fireworks of any kind in or on a facility.

Animals, except for service animals, are prohibited.

Parking: Limited on‐site parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. OSD is not responsible for providing parking. Vehicles must be in designated parking areas only. Any vehicles parked in no‐parking zones or blocking fire lanes are subject to tow at the vehicle owner’s expense. No overnight parking is allowed. The grounds shall be secured 30 minutes after event ends.

Objectionable Uses or Persons: Any use of the facilities must be lawful, civil, orderly, wholesome, in the best interest of OSD and not in violation of the laws of the United States, the State of Oregon, Marion County; refusal to adhere to the policies set forth in this document shall be considered a violation of the facility use agreement and shall be grounds for immediate revocation of the contract.

Safety: User agrees not to allow any material, substance, equipment or object to be brought onto the property which may be a hazard to the life of or cause bodily injury to any person on the premises. Aisles and exits must be kept clear and free from obstruction. Access to utility controls, fire suppression equipment, heating and air conditioning controls and vents must not be covered or obstructed at any time by the user or exhibitors. Fire lanes must remain clear and unobstructed. Guests are responsible to limit their activity and activity of group members to those approved authorized areas as stated in the contract. Any accident, injury or unsafe condition must be immediately reported to a representative of OSD.

• Lost/Abandoned/Damaged items: Any equipment or articles of the User, exhibitors or guests remaining past the expiration of the rental period will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of as deemed appropriate by the school. OSD assumes no responsibility for losses or damage by the User, its agents, employees or guests.

Users may only use areas previously approved as noted in the facility use agreement.



Groups may request to purchase lunch from the school cafeteria during day meetings. The cost of a ticket is $3.00 per person. Meals must be ordered at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. Cancellations must be received at OSD at least 48 hours prior to the meeting day or the group will be charged for the meals. Groups may only have food brought in or used if renting the cafeteria. All other areas are non‐food and drink areas.



All events on the OSD campus will have a designated event supervisor. While this supervisor will generally be the individual who reserves the facility, based upon the nature of the event, the OSD Director may elect to assign an OSD employee to this role. In the event that this occurs, the cost of the OSD supervisor will be added to the rental cost. OSD facilities may only be used when there is an OSD staff member on campus.



ODE/OSD requires all off‐campus groups renting facilities OSD provide a Certificate of Insurance that provides proof of liability insurance for the specified event. The minimum limit of liability coverage limits will be determined from Risk Assessment. The policy should cover spectators and participants and should name ODE/OSD as an additional insured. The Insurance Certificate must be received by the Facilities Secretary prior to the event or by the date specified on the User's contract.


*Event involves inflatable bouncers, toys, and games, etc. or other party rentals Policy

• OSD and the State of Oregon are not liable for any injuries including loss of life, damage, loss, etc.

• Some toys and outdoor toys, e.g. mechanical bulls are considered high risk and may require special event insurance be purchased. Also, OSD may require a signed waiver that communicates risk and indemnification to participants before they access the contracted service. Please contact the Facilities Secretary if you have any questions.

• When you contract with a company to provide inflatable bouncers, toys, games, etc, the contracting company must provide OSD with a certificate of insurance showing that they carry liability insurance in the amount of $2 million dollars and naming Oregon School for the Deaf as additionally insured.

• Because of the risks involved in many of these amusement items, OSD has elected to require that the rental company provide staff for set up, tear down, and being present to supervise the equipment at all times. OSD students, staff or faculty are not allowed to set up, tear down, or supervise the use of the equipment.


Special Requirements

1. Gym –

a. Such a facility may be used for activities appropriate to the facility.

b. Footwear and attire, furniture and equipment must be compatible to the facility and may be restricted.

c. Gym shoes are required for participants involved in active sports or games.

2. Pool –

a. All participants must shower prior to entering pool area. Users are responsible for supervision of all areas.

b. Applicant is responsible for providing a lifeguard for their event. A copy of the lifeguard’s certification is required with the Application for Facility Usage and be kept on file with Facilities Secretary.

c. No one is allowed to be in the pool area unless a certified lifeguard is present on the pool deck.

d. All participants must provide their own towels.

e. A final check of the area must be made to ensure water, lights are turned off; the area is clean and all doors are locked.

3. Outside areas –

a. An individual or organization wishing to reserve an outside area must complete a Use Agreement.

b. The cleanup of an outside area will be the responsibility of the user.

c. A user failing to provide cleanup will be charged for school personnel labor according to the Fee Schedule.

4. Equipment –

a. Equipment may be used, rented for use, and/or moved only with the permission of the principal or his/her designee.

b. Only equipment specified in the Use Agreement will be made available to the user.

c. Any damages sustained to OSD equipment will be paid for by the user.

d. At its discretion, OSD may charge a deposit for the use or rental of equipment.

e. OSD reserves the right to restrict the use of any equipment owned by the user. All equipment must be removed immediately after use.

f. OSD will not assume liability in connection with the use, loss or damage of equipment.

5. Supervision –

a. The user is responsible for the actions of all employees, volunteers, and other agents.

b. No one will be admitted to the facility until the supervisor is present. The approved supervisor must be present throughout the use.

6. Maintenance and Damage –

a. A user will not damage facilities or equipment and will ensure that the facility is cleaned and free from litter and garbage at the end of the period of usage.

b. If damages result from the use of the facility, the event supervisor must report the damage to the

maintenance staff on duty. The Maintenance Supervisor will assess the damage and write an incident

report, to include repair costs for materials and labor. These costs (above and beyond normal wear and tear) will be billed; the organization and any event participants will not be able to use the facilities until costs are paid. Serious damage will result in a complete loss of facility use.

c. Destruction or improper conduct will be grounds for immediate revocation of the Use Agreement and/or refusal of permission for facility usage in the future.

d. No heating appliances (e.g., hot plates, hair dryers, portable heaters. Questions: Check with Facilities.


OSD facilities are unavailable for rental during certain periods of time each year to accommodate annual maintenance. Outside groups may not use facilities in areas students are utilizing nearby locations.

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