Framework for Student Success

What is the Framework for Student Success? 


The Framework for Student Success (FSS) is our name for the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program which is a campus-wide framework which outlines how staff works together as a team to foster each student’s development into a whole person.  The Oregon School for the Deaf provides counseling and guidance support for each student that is both proactive and responsive to individual needs and provides the skills necessary to be productive citizens.


OSD’s Framework for Student Success is an integral component of the overall educational program and ensures that:


  • Student needs are addressed
  • Services are delivered collaboratively by a team compromised of all departments on campus, families, communities and school districts
  • Transitions are seamless across all ages and settings
  • Areas of support include academic, personal/social, career achievement, and community involvement


Components of the Framework for Student Success:


The components of this program include the Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Student Advocacy, and Student Responsibilities.


Guidance Curriculum


The guidance curriculum consists of structured developmental experiences presented systematically through collaborating classroom and group activities from the elementary grades through high school.  The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to provide all students at all grade levels knowledge and skills to promote positive physical and mental health as well as appropriate social skills. With these skills, students will experience success in their educational, vocational and personal/social life roles.


Individual Planning


Individual planning activities assist each student in setting and achieving academic, career, and personal/social goals. Activities include community involvement and post high school interests and plans.  These activities support the development of the education plan that personalizes student learning,documents progress, and records achievement in their education profile. This is done for every student at their annual Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting.


Student Advocacy


OSD Staff will assist with student advocacy in the following areas:


  • Support the personalized, active, and meaningful learning of each student
  • Encourage each student in the attainment of individual educational, personal, and career goals
  • Identify and minimize barriers (e.g., communication, personal/social) so that each student has increased opportunity for success in school
  • Ensure that student educational needs are addressed at every educational level
  • Promote equity by providing access to quality curriculum for each student
  • Further the achievement of high standards


Student Responsibilities


Students will take on ownership of their education by assuming the following areas of responsibilities:


Academic Development

  • Apply skills needed for educational achievement
  • Apply Essential Skills in Reading, Writing, Presentation, and Math for future success
  • Participate in ongoing, lifelong learning experiences to enhance their ability to function effectively in a changing world


Career Development

  • Research and apply information learned about the world of work
  • Have the opportunity to apply employment readiness and decision making skills
  • Apply Career Related Learning Standards to set and pursue realistic goals


Personal and Social Development

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as individuals and members of local and global communities
  • Interact with others in ways that respect individual and group differences
  • Build and maintain positive selfesteem
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility for behavior and safety


Community Involvement

  • Apply communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills as involved members of the community
  • Demonstrate ethical and responsible behavior as contributing community members
  • Create a sense of connectedness through community service activities



For more information, please check out the brochure to the left or contact:


Mr. Jesse Wise, School Counselor


Ms. Anne Harrington,  Transition Counselor