High School

Welcome to our High School!


The High School at the Oregon School for the Deaf provides an environment which allows for our students to grow academically, personally and socially.  We believe in using American Sign Language as the primary mode of carrying out instruction in the classrooms, yet allowing room for adjusting the mode of communication to fit a student or situational need.  Students are placed in classes based on academic areas of need and improvement, which results in mixed-grade level groupings.


We offer a variety of classes which are all designed to prepare our students for the future.  Students take a maximum of seven classes per semester, with the goal of meeting the graduation requirements as set forth by the Oregon Department of Education.  Depending on the type of classes taken, a student can earn a diploma (Standard, Modified, or Extended) or a Certificate of Completion at graduation.


To see a list of classes offered at the High School, please take a look at our course catalog which is shown at the left of this page.


Classes are set up according to our modified Period/Block schedule.  Regular day consists of seven periods, five classes in the morning then two classes in the afternoon.  Homegoing 'A' day consists of 1,3,5,and 7 periods while homegoing 'B' day consists of 8 (assembly), 2, 4, and 6 periods.

For more information, please contact:


Ms. Anne Harrington,  Lead Teacher



Mr. Robert Rich, Director of Instruction



Mr. Matthew Boyd, Principal



Please see our High School Staff directory to the left for the list of all HS staff.