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Lindstrom Hall offers accommodations and living skill instruction to male students aging from five to twenty-one years of age, who are eligible for residential services. Built in the mid 1950's; this single storey dwelling with a basement was designed to house up to 128 students. The large living room is well suited for homework, socialization, and activities such as chess and other board games, computer games, billiards, movies, etc.


Lindstrom Hall is also the home of OSD's annual haunted house fundraiser known as the Nightmare Factory. You can view the Nightmare Factory's official homepage at Students take an active role in developing each year's design, building new walls and creating new features for the Factory's guests. Students also take on the role of actors to increase the thrill of the experience.


In addition to this yearly event, the young men at Lindstrom Hall participate in weekly swims and movie nights. Students can also receive assistance with their homework assignments during scheduled study hours and access the Internet. Students are also involved in varsity sports including football, basketball, golf and track.


For more information, contact the Lead Counselor or Counselors:


Mr. Kivo LeFevre, Lead Counselor


Mr. Dustin Gross, Counselor


Mr. David DeRocher, Counselor


Mr. Ed Roberts, Counselor


Mr. Leshondre Brown, Counselor


Mr. Zachary Wertz, Counselor


Mr. Terence Boger, Counselor