Middle School

Welcome to our Middle School!


The Middle School at the Oregon School for the Deaf provides an environment which allows for our students to grow academically, personally and socially.  We believe in using American Sign Language as the primary mode of carrying out instruction in the classrooms, yet allowing room for adjusting the mode of communication to fit a student or situational need.  Students are placed in classes based on academic areas of need and improvement, which results in mixed-grade level groupings.


We provide a comprehensive educational program for students in grades six through eight.  The following core classes are offered: Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies. Students attend PE classes 4 days per week. Health class is offered during the 2nd semester. Electives include, but are not limited to: Lego Robotics, Computer Applications, English support, Spanish, FINAO (Failure Is Not An Option), Cooking and Work Experience.


Classes are set up according to our Period schedule.  Monday through Thursday consists of seven periods, four classes in the morning then three classes in the afternoon.  Fridays consists of seven period, five classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon.


In addition to the school's website, to see what's happening in the middle school, please check out our monthly Panther newsletter (link is to the left) which is put together by our students.


For more information, please contact:


Ms. Karen Brush, Lead Teacher



Ms. Chelsea Flora, Community Based Instruction Teacher



Ms. Melinda Gallegos, Language Arts Teacher



Mr. James Smith, Social Studies Tracher



Mr. Kris Hurst, Math and Science Teacher



Mr. Scott Pfaff, PE Teacher



Mr. Greg Coughlan, Video/Media Teacher



Ms. Gayle Robertson, Art Teacher



Mr. Jesse Wise, School Counselor



Mr. Robert Rich, Director of Instruction



Mr. Matthew Boyd, Principal