Parent Resource Group

Last year, OSD hosted weekly meetings of parents and children for the purpose of supporting families with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children, sharing information and practicing ASL together. The format will be as follows: 30 minutes of presentation, either given by our ASL Specialist, or an invited guest, 30 minutes of ASL Storytelling, modeled by our ASL Specialist and practiced with the parents, and 30 minutes of question and answer and social activity. Voice Interpreting and babysitting was provided during the Parent Resource Group.


At this time, Parent Resource Group has been put on hold until further notice.


Lecture #6 - 8 minutes  

Lecture #5 - 14 minutes ASL Storytime - "A Big Dog" - 7 minutes

Lecture #4 - 15 minutes Visual Approach to a Story - 6 minutes

Presentation #3 - 20 minutes ASL Storytime - "Three Little Pigs" - 4 minutes

Presentation #2 - 18 minutes ASL Storytime - "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" - 8 minutes

Presentation #1 - 20 minutes ASL Storytime - "Five Little Monkeys" - 8 minutes