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Peterson Hall

Peterson Hall was built in the early 1960s. It was the most modern building on campus until the Central Services Facility was built in the 1970s. Peterson Hall serves females between the ages five and twenty-one, who are eligible for residential services.


At the beginning, Peterson Hall was capable of housing a maximum of 90 girls. For many years, Miss Ruth Peterson (for whom the dorm is named) lived on site in a small apartment, and was on duty a great deal of time.

Currently, Peterson Hall houses about 30 girls. There are five apartments available for high school students. Most students have at least one roommate if not more.


Peterson Hall has regular activities such as swimming, movie night, and regular outings to roller-skating rinks, beach trips, mall shopping trips, and educational activities to arts and science museums. We also schedule time for daily homework, and for high school students to sign out independently, as well as weekly room cleaning. In addition, we also have computers hooked up for Internet access so that students are able to do research for school assignments.


For more information, contact the Lead Counselor or Counselors:


Ms. Jan Sykes,  Lead Counselor


Ms. Dionne John,  Counselor


Ms. Julie Lake,  Counselor


Ms. Amberlin Hines,  Counselor


Ms. Maria DeLeon,  Counselor


Ms. Kellie Campbell,  Counselor