Student Body Council

Oregon School for the Deaf Student Body Council


Student Body Council (SBC) gives the girls and boys of OSD middle school an opportunity to strengthen the skills they already have, discover new ones, and inspire their fellow students to join them in many kinds of events and activities throughout the year.  Student body council is a form of public service in the true spirit of servant leadership.  As a student leader, you will have mentors to support and challenge you, and you will share ideas with student leaders of other schools.


As a member of OSD student body council, you will learn:


·     Public speaking

·     Time management

·     Team work

·     Collaboration with people beyond your circle of friends

·     How to be comfortable in a variety of social and public situations

·     Present formal proposals for improvements in the school and student life


The responsibilities and opportunities you gain from being an elected leader at OSD middle school will prepare you for many aspects of your future academic and professional life.


The member of 2015-16 Council are:


Shyla Ferguson

  • Alex Garcia

  • Amy Jarvie

  • Jolinda Mathis

  • Ceilidh Ramirez

  • Jamilla Walker


For more information, please contact:


Ms. Cherie Ulmer, SBC Sponsor