If there are any changes in your child’s homegoing plans - Contact: Bethany Moreland


Phone: 503-378-3826



Homegoing Procedures for Residential Students

Homegoing Procedures

  1. All residential students go home every Friday and return on Sunday evening.    Your local school district provides your child’s daily or weekly transportation and OSD’s Transportation Secretary coordinates these arrangements.
  2. When there is an exception to the homegoing agreement established in the IEP, please contact the Transportation Secretary in writing or by phone 503-378-8170 voice or 503-400-6181 videophone (two staff members must verify the conversation) by 12:00 noon two days before the homegoing day.
  3. Letters regarding homegoing arrangements or permission should be mailed directly to the Administration Office and not to the student.  Please also notify your child about homegoing permission or changes to the homegoing schedule.
  4. Provide permission in writing, in advance, when a person other than you will be picking up your child.  The permission must include the person’s name, address, and telephone number.
  5. Be very specific about times, dates, and names when you write letters of permission.  Do not use “next Friday” or “this Friday”, but say “Friday, October 25.”
  6. Students being transported by school vehicles are required to follow driver/staff instructions and State of Oregon student transportation safety rules. A copy of these rules is provided to all parents.  Please review these regulations with your child.  When a student fails to follow these rules, a consequence (possibly as severe as suspension of vehicle-riding privileges) may be given.  During a suspension of vehicle-riding privileges, you will need to arrange for transportation of the student to and from school.
  7. Emergencies will be the only exceptions to the above rules.


Students Being Picked Up at School

  1. By Parents:

    • Pick up students when school is dismissed.

    • During school hours (7:45 a.m. – 2:50 p.m.), sign your child out at the    Administration Office before taking him/her from campus.

    • After school hours, contact the residential hall counselor on duty and sign your child out of the residential hall before taking him/her from campus.

  2. By Relatives and Parents’ Friends:

    • You will need to provide the Administration Office with written permission before relatives or friends take your child from campus.

  3. By Other OSD Students and Student’s Friends:

    • Students going home with other OSD students or non-OSD friends must have written permission in the Administration Office from the parents of the driver and the parents of the passenger.  This must be done before noon on Wednesday.
    • If a parent gives permission for a student to go with another student or friend for the weekend,  the arrangement must be for the entire weekend.  Students may not return to OSD until Sunday after 5:30pm.
    • Permission for short-term visits or trips off campus during the school week will be granted if you, the parent, make the arrangements and an authorized person signs your child out. Please make these plans two days in advance whenever possible.


Returning from Homegoing

  1. Students returning to school by common carrier (e.g. Greyhound, Amtrak) will return to school on Sunday or after a holiday weekend between the times listed as follows:
    1. Elementary – between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    2. Middle School – between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    3. High school – between 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

      (If bus schedules will not allow a student to arrive between these designated times, the bus scheduled closest to these times is acceptable.) 
    4. If your student arrives after curfew time, please provide a permission note.
  2. When you or your authorized person brings your child to school by car, sign the student in at the residence hall during non-school hours or at the Administration Office during school hours.
  3. Students with cars should return and sign in at the residence hall by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.  If a student wishes to sign out for “off campus,” he/she must have a note of permission from parents.
  4. Students returning Sundays via Greyhound will need to ask an employee of the bus depot to call for a taxi.  If you feel your child may have difficulty communicating this, please send a note with him/her requesting an employee of the depot to call for a taxi to transport them to OSD. The Salem Greyhound depot is open until 8:30 p.m.  Parents should instruct their child to return to school immediately upon arriving at the depot.
  5. Each student will “sign in” in a logbook, stating his/her means of transportation and his/her time of arrival at the residence hall/school.
  6. When a student arrives on campus, he/she is not to leave again or sit in cars on campus (except with parents).  Parents will be notified if students arrive consistently later than the usual time or arrive unusually late.
  7. All students are responsible for seeing that their baggage gets back to school.  Please limit your child’s baggage to one item whenever possible.
  8. If a student’s return to school from home will be delayed, causing an absence from class, notify the Administration Office notified as soon as possible (503-378-3825 voice or 503-400-6180 VP).





When the administration feels an activity at the school is important enough for an exception to be made in the established homegoing agreement, parental permission will be obtained and changes in homegoing procedures will be provided in writing (if time permits) or by phone.