Water Testing Information

Dear OSD Families and Friends:
Oregon School for the Deaf was tested thoroughly by WaterLab Corporation in June 2016 and again in August 2016. Since our campus has buildings from the 1920’s  still in operation, this process was very important to us. We received our results, and found 3 places where there are small traces of lead – the fixtures will be replaced ASAP. Until they are replaced, we will not be using those sites for drinking. The rest of the campus was found to be acceptable or had no detection of lead traces.
We are part of the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan through ODE. Below are our test results.
You can request a copy of the whole report by contacting Administration Office at 503-378-3825.
2016-06-16 Water Test Results.pdf578.07 KB
2016-07-28 Water Test Results.pdf1.06 MB
2016-11-15 Water Test Results.pdf333.61 KB