Why OSD?

10 reasons OSD may be right for you!


1. Everyone can sign.

We encourage all forms of communication. All OSD staff are able to communicate with students in sign language when needed.


2. Our classes are small.

A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures individual attention for pupils.


3. We read, read and read some more!

Specialized language and literacy programs are used at every grade.


4. Specialists are on campus.

Most teachers hold a master's degree or special licensure in deaf education. A speech language pathologist, an audiologist and a school psychologist all work on our campus for the betterment of our student body.


5. Only caring staff are hired.

Parents, dorm counselors, other student life and school staff have frequent communication among one another regarding student needs.


6. You can mainstream, too!

Our Adult Transition Program enables OSD students to take classes at Chemeketa Community College, and retain dorm residency and tutoring services here.


7. We're social!

Friends interact directly with one another - no interpreter needed! Regardless of hearing loss severity or use of assistive hearing devices, all are friends at OSD.


8. OSD is tuition free.

Families do not pay tuition or boarding costs. OSD is financed through state and federal governments, and is governed by Oregon Department of Education.


9. There are a lot of things to do!

OSD offers rich, unique cultural and social experiences. Every student is encouraged to participate in something outside of school. What a way to practice leadership and responsibility!


10. We'll help you after graduation.

Transition planning begins early in high school. Students may enroll into an extended support program after the senior year which provides work and college opportunities.


(Credit for “Top 10 Reasons” goes to Cynthia Angeroth)